Video Posters and Demos

To help authors illustrate a theoretical, methodological or design issue that might otherwise be difficult to convey, or a research project that requires a multi-medium presentation, we are holding a video poster track. Video posters are a great way to excite viewers’ imagination and help them reflect on issues they might not be familiar with; presentations in this format have much potential to stimulate a lively discussion among conference attendees and the ACI community more broadly.

Video poster submissions should include the following:

  1. an extended abstract (up to 4 pages) describing the project and underpinning research; the abstract must be in the ACM SIGCHI extended abstract format:
  2. a video (maximum length 3 minutes) in MP4 format; the video’s opening credits should include the conference banner all the way across the bottom of the screen.
  3. a short video description (up to 250 words).

The submissions will be peer-reviewed and upon notification of acceptance the authors will be expected to finalize the video based on the reviewers’ comments.

At the conference, video poster displays may be complemented by demos. Demos that would involve animals may be considered, but must be approved by the organizing committee ahead of the conference; this is to ensure that they are logistically feasible and meet The Open University’s animal ethics and welfare standards for ACI research.

After the conference, the videos will be uploaded to the ACI2016 YouTube channel.

Extended abstracts will be published in the ACI2016 Conference Proceedings Volume in the ACM Digital Library.

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Important dates:

Submission deadline: 18th September 2016

Notification of acceptance: 16th October 2016

Deadline for submission videos final version: 30th October 2016

Consortium date: 16th November 2016

For inquiries contact:

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Submission of video posters is via