Doctoral Consortium

Since as a discipline ACI is still very much taking shape, doing a master or doctoral degree in ACI is likely to present students with challenges that are specifically related to the novelty of their chosen topics; it is also likely that some of these challenges will be shared. To provide master and doctoral students with additional support towards completing their degree, we are holding a doctoral consortium. During this session students will be able to briefly present their work to peers and researchers, and discuss specific challenges they might have encountered during their studies.

Students who wish to participate are required to submit a single PDF file including the following:

  1. an abstract of their proposal or dissertation (up to 5 pages) detailing what degree they are pursuing, their research topic and questions, and any issues that they have encountered and wish to discuss at the Consortium.
  2. a cover letter summarizing: a) their topic, b) the name and email of their advisor (we will ask the advisor for a recommendation); c) when they plan to graduate (what their status is); d) whom they would they like feedback from (experts in the field).

Submissions must be in the ACM SIGCHI extended abstract format:

Important dates:

Submission deadline: 18th September 2016

Notification of acceptance: 16th October 2016

Consortium date: 16th November 2016

For inquiries contact:

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Submission of extended abstracts should be via email to:

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